Board Documents Management Made Easy

managing board documents can be challenging, especially when the information is distributed and shared between multiple platforms and devices. When board members are able to access an online platform for board management, they can view materials on any device and in real time. They can collaborate on the document in committees and workrooms and add notes, communicate with their fellow board members, and monitor their progress while making sure the most recent version of the document is used at meetings. This helps boards make informed decisions and keeps members in the loop between meetings.

Additionally, boards portals allow meeting organizers to share secure links to meeting materials and agendas directors prior the meeting. This eliminates the need to print and email lengthy documents that are out of date and can be hard to find in an inbox. During the meeting, board directors can instantly view and access information associated with an agenda item on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Additionally, these board materials can be saved in a single accessible, user-friendly location that is accessible at any time during meetings. The board can also utilize built-in annotation tools to mark their materials book, and they’ll be able to sync them across their various electronic devices, with the option of hiding personal notes and annotations if needed. Administrators can also remotely wipe data off the member’s device in case it’s stolen or lost. This helps protect sensitive data.

Board document management is an essential aspect of the job description of any board. It’s never been more crucial, given the current security landscape. With the appropriate tools, it is easier than ever before for boards to keep its directors engaged and ensure that all critical data is secure.

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