7 Tips to Improve Document Management

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Document management best practices are essential for businesses as they become more digital. The more efficient the company’s workflow for documents, the more productive and profitable it will be. It’s not a big deal to alter the method your team organizes its digital documents. However, just like any other technology rollout, some team members are more likely to adapt than others. To help you improve the efficiency of your team’s digital document management we’ve put together seven tips to make the most of your document control system.

#1 Establish clear and speedy review and approval processes.

One of the primary reasons why organizations miss deadlines is due to poorly managed processes for reviewing and approving documents. By automating as much of the process as well as providing a clear and intuitive organization of your folders your team will have an easier time keeping up with their documentation obligations.

#2 Implement a consistent file indexing system

Without standard naming conventions and clear hierarchy of filings it is possible to misplace files or even lose them altogether. This is particularly the case for critical and legal documents. To avoid this, you must create an indexing system that includes the use of color-coding, an alphabetical method, or numerical system that is easy for your team to comprehend and follow.

Your team needs to consider the implementation of access control for each document in addition to the standard naming system and indexing system. This will ensure your documents can only be accessed by authorized personnel and protect sensitive data. Version control lets you monitor changes and to have the most recent version of every document.

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