How to Choose the Right Board Member for Your Organization

A solid board of directors is essential to a well-run organization or nonprofit. The board member should bring a variety of skills knowledge, experience and insight to the table for strategic decision-making and planning. They should be able to communicate effectively, stay connected to each other between meetings and be proactive when it comes to fundraising and networking.

When choosing the right board member for your business You should consider a broad range of independent candidates who are familiar with your industry and who are able to support your goals and vision. These might include trusted mentors, attorneys, CPAs, fellow entrepreneurs as well as venture capitalists, marketing professionals, educators and financial experts. It is important to have board members who have previous experience on boards.

During the screening process, be sure that the candidate is interested and committed to being a board member. It is a huge responsibility and may not be the right candidate for everyone.

You should also ask them about their other commitments and be realistic of the time they are able to dedicate to the board. It’s not efficient to have an unproductive board. busy or under-performing.

It is better to have an even number of board members, rather than an imbalanced one to keep ties from forming. You must have enough members to ensure quorum and for the board to function, but you also want to be able receive good advice from the board without getting bogged down by too many voices.

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