How to Create an Effective Meeting Agenda

Each kind of meeting, from a private conversation with a colleague to an all-hands conference to discuss goals of the organization and issues, requires a well-planned agenda. A well-planned agenda will keep everyone engaged and focused and improve the efficiency of every participant and the group.

Determine the purpose of each item on the agenda. By defining the purpose of each item, participants know what to expect from the meeting and can adjust their participation accordingly. Setting clear goals for meetings helps ensure that the meeting does not go off-track, so it is more likely to be successful.

For each objective, state clearly how the desired result will be accomplished. You can state what the objective is: gather information or make a decision or share information. It may also specify the method used in order to accomplish the purpose like obtaining consensus or voting.

Include an estimated time for each agenda item. Including an estimated time enables participants to prepare for discussion and adjust their participation accordingly. It also lets leaders determine if more time is required or if the goal could be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

Include «parking lots» items on your agenda. Parking lots are the perfect place to record thoughts or conversations that are relevant to the subject at hand however, they are not necessary to be discussed during this meeting. This technique can be especially beneficial for virtual meetings because it stops meetings from getting derailed by unrelated conversations.

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