iDeals VDR Review – The Best Data Room Software

If you’re looking to sell your business or raise funds, you’ll need a reliable virtual data room to share your information with approved buyers and investors. Although there are a lot of free file sharing tools out there, they don’t offer the same level of permission settings including auditing capabilities, as well as document watermarking that professionals in data rooms offer.

To maximize the use of your virtual data room, look for one with customizable branding. This means you can upload a logo, change the theme colors, and personalize invitation emails. You should be able, if you wish, to add custom watermarks on documents that are displayed when they’re viewed or downloaded or printed. You should also specify how often users have to accept the NDA or terms of use. The data room must include a mobile app that supports iOS, Android and Blackberry devices, as well as Windows and Windows Phone. It should also be able to support multiple languages and be compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry devices.

iDeals offers a comprehensive solution for executing and sharing documents from customer deals such as M&As, divestments or restructuring, bankruptcy and restructuring. Watermarking, role-based access, antivirus scanning, and document encrypting are among its top-notch security features. You can also export files and use the powerful search engine to locate exactly what you are looking for.

The software is suitable for a broad variety of industries and provides 24/7 support, device-agnostic scheduling, and robust policy management. It is also compatible with most popular tools like Salesforce and DocuSign. You can create a dataroom within minutes by using templates with default permissions.

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