What Are Colocation Services?

Colocation services provide the most cost-effective and flexible method to house your IT infrastructure. When choosing a provider for colocation make sure to check their uptime record and the quality of their infrastructure. They should provide a variety of options for networking and be able of scaling as your business expands.

Data centers are places designed to safeguard IT equipment against theft, unauthorized access, and environmental hazards. These facilities are equipped with security guards and video surveillance, access controls and locking systems to ensure your data is secure.

When you sign a read article codesprice contract with the colocation provider, you will receive an area in the data center where you can install your IT equipment and power. The company will usually assist in setting up your equipment, however this is not always required. They also offer uplink ports that connect your equipment with their network and the Internet. They may also provide redundant connections or let you select your own carrier or use theirs.

A good colocation service offers various networking options. This includes dedicated private connections with carriers, a content delivery network and cloud services. This lets you cut down on the amount of time you have to spend managing bandwidth, increasing speed and ensuring compliance. A local colo service offers the added benefit of having real-time individuals who can answer your questions in person, instead of relying on support teams that are located far away.

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