How to Create Cybersecurity Reports That Reach the Board of Directors

Cybersecurity is a constant, dynamic undertaking that requires a clear communication strategy between all parties within the company. When it comes to protecting data, mitigating risk, or communicating with the board and C-Suite regarding the current threats and risks, security professionals must be capable of providing clear details about their progress without becoming bogged down in technical details. However, many cybersecurity reports are too complex, detailed, and incomprehensible for the average person, preventing security teams from engaging in the clear communication regarding risks and security measures that are crucial to avoid security breaches and keeping the business secure.

When creating a cyber-security report, it’s important to keep in mind that the principal audience isn’t just the IT department or the board of directors. Cybersecurity reporting should focus on business risk, instead of technology, in order to get the board’s attention and aid them in understanding their company’s exposure to risk.

For example, if the report suggests that outdated web server software is responsible for the majority of the business’s security risks, the report should present this information in a manner that highlights the negative impact on the business and its bottom line. It is also essential to ensure that the disclosure of security risks is easily understood by non-technical audiences, especially since regulatory compliance and framework alignement are becoming increasingly important topics for many boards.

UpGuard offers a variety of templates that are optimized to meet the primary reporting requirements of the board and the senior management. These templates combine the security performance information that is frequently requested by the Board, including vendor summaries that highlight key metrics, like vulnerability management performance and the vulnerability of third-party attackers. These reports can be created immediately and exported as PowerPoint slides, which eliminates the hassle of preparing for board meetings.

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