Choosing the Right Strategic Planning Software

A solid strategic planning software will allow teams to track and ensure that projects are aligned with the company’s goals. The right software will allow teams to concentrate on their own priorities while still being accountable for their contribution to the company’s overall goals.

Flexible platforms allow for better collaboration and a more unified strategy that can be adjusted to the changing needs of business. The most effective strategic software gives easy access to reports, data and a mobile app that allows users to manage project plans from any location anytime.

Check that the strategic plan software you choose can create stunning dynamic reports for your stakeholders and meetings. You should look for features like the ability to present an overview of departmental goals and measures, and then drill down to specifics for detailed details. Find templates or customizable terms for each aspect of strategic planning and implementation. Also, think about whether the tool supports your preferred framework for strategic management including the balanced scorecard (BSC), OKRs, Six Sigma, or Management by Objectives.

Beware of software that focuses on a single task that is only completed at the beginning of the process. Examples include SWOT analysis and cascading action plans. These kinds of tools could serve their purpose in the workflow of your company however they won’t be the most effective method to harness the power of cloud computing for strategic planning.

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