How to Conduct a Digital Board Meeting

Digital board meetings are modern conferencing system that allows boards of directors to meet online. Meetings can be conducted via video and audio communication tools on an internet connection that is stable. Meeting files are stored in an online board book accessible by directors at any time, from anywhere. Meeting minutes are also stored in the board portal for easy access. This paper-free solution simplifies administrative tasks for cooperative and condo board members. It eliminates the need for paper-based documents, and also eliminates printing, distribution, photocopying, storage, and other related costs. It allows remote attendance, allowing a greater variety of social and geographic diversity.

To ensure smooth and effective communication during a meeting on a digital board, the following best practices should be adhered to:

Day before the virtual meeting Send a calendar invitation along with an agenda for you to prepare talking points. This will improve engagement and attendance. The chair of the board must be aware of time-related differences and plan the meeting at a time that is suitable for everyone.

Encourage participation in the virtual meeting by using a chatbox and asking participants to raise their hands before speaking. Keep the meetings brief because long meetings can reduce productivity and cause a lack of engagement. Don’t fill up the entire meeting with a presentation slide, because it could hinder discussions and create confusion. Plan an agenda with 20% less items to allow for more discussion.

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