Using Meeting Management Software to Organize and Enhance the Productivity of Video Meetings

A reliable meeting management program will help you organize and increase the efficiency of virtual conferences. It lets you save time and money, reduces no-shows, and helps participants follow up on notes and action items. You can also personalize workflows, share a calendar and increase communication between team members.

In today’s world of working-from-home or remote work, video meetings are the normal. Not only are they time-consuming but they can be stressful for both sides. It’s important to use the proper tools to manage these and make them productive in order to avoid them becoming unproductive.

SessionLab is an application for managing meetings that lets you easily schedule one-onone meetings or group sessions. It streamlines the process by sending reminders as well as notifications to both participants and you which reduces the possibility of no-shows. It also has an agenda library that includes ready-made agendas and templates. It has a free version and an affordable plan that starts at just $10 per user, per month.

Fellow is a third tool that is specifically designed to manage meetings. It is a fully integrated AI solution that is connected to your calendar and centralizes necessary documentation to ensure that each meeting produces actionable results. It allows you to quickly summarize a meeting with an AI-generated summation, assign the next steps and tasks, and facilitate collaboration between participants in different locations. It can also help you to record online meetings in real-time, or upload recordings to create a transcript later.

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