Board Decision Papers

Board decision papers are written documents for board members in order to fulfill their oversight responsibilities and make well-informed decisions on corporate matters. They must be concise and informative with a concise summary and annexes.

Directors can be assisted to make the right choices by discussing alternatives analysis as well as a review of key metrics and research findings and an operating framework that has informed their view. They could also consider the effects of the different options on the business. It is also beneficial to show how management selected the preferred recommendation – this could involve explaining the various options or summarising pros/cons of each, and how the recommended approach scored against the criteria.

Board documents should be free of legalese and jargon, as well as a formal business writing style used throughout to make the content relevant and easily accessible to all director. Charts and graphs can be used to provide a summary of information and data trends and break up large chunks of text. It’s also a good idea to read the documents out in front of your peers or colleagues to check for clarity and ensure that the main points are made clear. If you’re looking to clarify something, you should solicit feedback or opinions from the board.

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