How to Overcome the Challenges of a Remote Board Meeting

It’s important to know how to overcome the potential issues as more and more business, including board meetings, is conducted online. Whether it’s reducing engagement or creating a secure meeting environment, there are some best practices to be followed to ensure that your next remote board meeting is as successful as possible.

The biggest challenge is to ensure that all board members feel comfortable using the software for virtual meetings. While most modern tools for managing board meetings are simple to use certain individuals might have trouble adjusting to the change. Offering plenty of training prior to the actual meeting can facilitate this transition. It may also be beneficial to let participants try the software prior to the meeting.

During the meeting, it’s vital to have an active agenda that allows everyone to share their ideas. This keeps the discussion focused and keeps it from drifting into unproductive territory. It’s also helpful to have a facilitator who can monitor the flow of discussions and manage any issues that arise.

Finally, it’s important to close the meeting with a recap of what was talked about and the major outcomes of the meeting. This will help reinforce the most important lessons for your board members to ensure they are able to continue pushing forward the organization in the months between meetings. Additionally, it’s good practice to ask for feedback at the conclusion of the meeting, so that everyone feels that their opinions were heard.

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