How to Ace the Corporate Board Seat Interview

In the process of interviewing for a board position, the panel will ask you about your board readiness and how you can add value to the company. Boards usually seek candidates with a strong level of knowledge in the field as well as a broad perspective and specialization that is in line with the skills of the current board members.

To prove the value of this You should be prepared to provide examples of strategic decisions you’ve made in the past at the committee or board level. You can expect to be questioned regarding your governance and ethical standards.

The panel will also require you to give your thoughts on the company’s strategy and its position in the marketplace as well as the trends in the industry. Like the other questions, you need see to be prepared to respond in a concise and compelling way that provides the interviewers with an accurate picture of your thoughts.

The interviewers are likely to ask you about your leadership approach, how you interact with colleagues in a group setting, and whether there are any conflicts of interest you might face in the boardroom. Be aware of any possible conflicts and be able discuss what you’d do about them in the event of a situation.

Be prepared to endure a lengthy vetting process. The board can move in an iterative, deliberate manner. Director searches may be as long as the searches for CEOs.

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