How to Prepare an Online Data Room for Investors

A data room is a digital platform that allows startups to upload important documents to ensure due diligence prior to a funding round, or an M&A deal. It typically, this is the company’s financial projections, as well as specific IP ownership documentation. This information is provided to investors who can make informed decisions when investing in a startup.

Founders may include the following information when they prepare the data room for investors:

Pitch Decks or a Whitepaper: Founders may upload their pitch decks, as well as whitepapers that describe how their product or service can solve complex issues or markets in a concise and profitable way. This document can help establish trust and show that they are accountable to investors.

Projections: Founders can include financial statements from the past and projected. They can also include the assumptions, sources, and reasoning behind these projections. This can make it easier to complete the due diligence process and aid investors in understanding the company’s projected financial performance and growth prospects.

People-Related Documents: Founders may include resumes of key team players, as well as any employee stock agreement or other documentation related to hiring. The founders can also include their go-to market and growth strategy.

Investor Updates During the fundraising or due-diligence process, founders may include a series of updates for investors to the VDR. This keeps investors informed about the developments of the business, and shows them that the company is committed to making the best use of their money.

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